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Membership: Join the Shellfish Gardeners!

Your Ten Dollars helps keep our organization afloat and we help you by making it easy to learn about and get oyster larvae and seed and source equipment. Additionally, we need your feedback in knowing how well your oysters are doing and newsletters. YOUR E-MAIL IS VERY IMPORTANT. This is how we communicate!

Print this form, fill in and send along with $10.00 or a check made out to:

Phil Gagnon

606 Emerald Drive

Emerald Isle, NC 28594

252 354-5989



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Water location (oyster garden location)_____________________________

If you know…: It is helpful for us to know the following

Is this water location normally open or closed for shellfishing? Open: Closed:

Do you have a particular interest or skill you wish to tell us about _______________________


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